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Kautilya Law

Education in Haryana

Kautilya Law Institute
in Haryana 

Kautilya Law Institute is a distinguished judicial coaching institute celebrated for its outstanding features and services tailored to equip aspiring legal professionals for success in the highly competitive field of law. Some of its noteworthy features include:

Experienced Faculty

Comprehensive Course Material

Mock Tests and Practice Papers

Online and Offline Learning

Supportive Learning Environment

Interview Preparation


Academics at Kautilya



The judiciary serves as the guardian of justice and the protector of the rule of law in society.



Unlock your potential with our comprehensive CLAT course for a successful legal career.



Enroll in our ADA/DDA course for expertise in accessibility laws

and design.



Prepare for success with our comprehensive

NET course for

academic excellence.

Why Kautilya

Kautilya Law Institute, headquartered in Rohtak, is a leading coaching institute specializing in the field of law. Our unwavering commitment lies in sculpting the future of aspirants preparing for a multitude of competitive examinations, encompassing Judicial Services, ADA, NET/JRF, CLAT, IBPS, and other prestigious law-related tests.

Quality is our defining feature, as we aim to be a center of excellence, offering top-notch teaching and learning experiences. 

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Our Stars

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